Consilium serves the following groups —

Independent financial advisers

We believe qualified independent financial advisers are best placed to deliver impartial and objective financial advice to New Zealanders. Working with the highest calibre advisers allows Consilium to fulfil its purpose of championing professional financial advice and those who deliver it.

Consilium provides partner firm advisers with scale and expertise while allowing them to retain their core independence which is so important to the end client needs.

Consilium works directly with independent advisers all over New Zealand. Independent fee based advisers represent the client on an exclusive and fiduciary basis and do not charge for individual transactions. They are not obliged to recommend the evidence based investments monitored by Consilium.

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Consilium works with institutions such as KiwiSaver funds, Synergy Investments and New Zealand based banks, providing investment governance, asset allocation, investment selection and prudent monitoring.

Boards & charitable trusts

Through our partner firms, Consilium works with charities, trustees and investment committees with fiduciary roles. We provide governance to enable them to effectively manage their roles, develop strategic investment policy, implement, report on and prudently monitor investment portfolios.