Consilium Growth Forum 2024

When we asked advisers if they were looking for strategies and insights into how to grow their business, the response was overwhelmingly YES!

The Consilium Growth Forum 2024 was held on March 27 at the Cordis Hotel, Auckland. With over 120 advisers in attendance, our speakers delivered insightful presentations on business growth — including our international keynote speaker, Dan Allison speaking on the power of referrals.

“The quality of the speakers was something not often seen in NZ with Dan Allison providing amazing insights on referrals… the Growth Forum provides huge value.” — Adviser

A special thank you to our sponsor, Strategi Group and David Greenslade for their support of this event.

As we reflect on the success of this first Forum, we're reminded of the importance of collaboration in driving industry innovation and growth.

Consilium recently celebrated 10 years of business based on a foundation of championing independent financial advisers and providing innovative and scalable solutions so advisers can spend their time where it’s most valuable – with their clients.

We heard your feedback, so look out for the Consilium Growth Forum 2025!

Thank you to all who attended, and we are proud to be part of your continued success within the adviser community!

Conference Highlights

✅ Power of Referrals – using referrals to boost your business

Dan Allison's core seminar on how to build a client base that not only wants to refer but can make the type of referrals that actually help GROW your business.

✅ Prospecting with Ben Brinkerhoff – work at it!

Ben discussed the most important thing about growth, how to choose the right growth tactic based on what works and also based on your strengths — including research with detailed statistics from the Michael Kitces Report, and how the size of your firm can impact your marketing.

✅ Adviser Panel Insights – different ways to grow your business

There are many ways to grow your financial advice business – Nick Crawford (The Private Office) and Tom Stanley (Amicus) have deployed very different methods but are both doing it successfully.

✅ David Greenslade's 7 Key lessons for Growth

After nearly four decades of running, owning and consulting to independent financial advisory businesses, David Greenslade of Strategi shared the seven most important lessons he’s learned about growth that each adviser firm can action.

“The recent Growth Forum held by Consilium, allowed all our Partners (not only the financial advisers) to understand, appreciate and be stimulated to get on board to grow our advice business.” — Adviser