Dayle McDonald steps up to new role at Consilium

Consilium has appointed Dayle McDonald as its new head of Wrap platform solutions.

Dayle has been promoted to manage services and solutions with a focus on driving the company’s strategic direction and enhancements for customers through the Consilium platform custodial wrap service.

Consilium Managing Director Scott Alman says, “Dayle McDonald is an up and coming young leader in the New Zealand fintech world and has been instrumental in the continued success of Consilium.”

Miss McDonald is a Consilium veteran, having been with the company since it started.

She will lead the transition team for Consilium Wrap 2.0, which is due to launch in April 2020, and has been a key presenter at the national roadshow recently to unveil Consilium Wrap 2.0.

“The launch of Consilium Wrap 2.0 gives us the opportunity to implement feedback we have received from advisers and clients over the last four years,” Miss McDonald says.

“Beyond the amazing technology on offer, it is our service that sets Consilium apart and has been our focus from the beginning. My experience with other platforms available in the New Zealand market, and my career dealing with advisers every day, means I can truly say Consilium’s service will help advisers get the most value out of this new technology. It is going to tick a lot of boxes,” she says.

“I have been a part of the Wrap from the beginning. It’s great that we are investing in our service with a 30% increase in direct support staff resourcing ahead of the launch next year,” Miss McDonald says.Dayle McDonald has a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies with an endorsement in personal financial planning from Massey University and a Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology from University of Canterbury with first class honours.