Synergy gives advisers greater choice with MyFiduciary portfolios

Synergy Investments has introduced a new series of portfolios in partnership with MyFiduciary. Synergy will now offer advisers the choice of 28 portfolios with different investment styles and risk profiles to suit investors’ individual financial goals.

Synergy is a business solution for independent financial advisers which makes investment solutions simple and enables advisers to spend more time on delivering great advice, and less time on the administration and monitoring of investments.

“We are excited to announce the launch of a new series of portfolios to Synergy. The new portfolios complement our current 22 portfolios, and we can now offer a ‘portfolio supermarket’ to the growing number of independent advisers who want that freedom to choose the right portfolio and investment strategy, for their clients”, says senior adviser services manager, Vivecca Robinson.

“We’ve had feedback from our advisers wanting to offer clients the option of a more active series of model portfolios through Synergy. There is not just one way to invest money, there are multiple portfolios and Synergy offers freedom to advisers to choose the desired pathway for their clients”, said Vivecca Robinson.

MyFiduciary, originally an investment governance and education business, has grown to house one of the largest investment consulting teams in New Zealand, with a depth of experience from Aaron Drew, Chris Douglas, David Rae, Greg Peacock and Saia Uai Havili.

Chris Douglas, Principal at MyFiduciary, said “We’re excited our partnership with Consilium means more financial advisers can now access MyFiduciary’s portfolios. We offer a well-researched investment solution. We rigorously monitor our portfolios, which will be efficiently managed and rebalanced through a discretionary investment management service.”

“The MyFiduciary portfolios are developed using a “core-satellite” approach, where the core element of the portfolio is comprised of broadly diversified low-cost funds, whilst satellite exposures may include more active managers that are not tightly constrained by market indexes and have the potential to add value” explained Chris.

Consilium, the provider of Synergy, and MyFiduciary both adhere to the global best practices set out by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX).

Since launching in 2015, Synergy has grown to over $550 million in assets under management and serves advisers throughout New Zealand.

Consilium is launching a series of new tools and services as part of its ongoing investment to create end to end, digital advice solutions including a risk profiling tool, goal planning calculator, statement of advice template and a full digital review system.