Consilium Wrap

The wrap for your clients

Consilium Wrap is designed for professional financial advisers and their clients.

Purpose built with the professional adviser in mind, Wrap gives advisers flexibility to build a suite of model portfolios or provide investors with bespoke offerings with access to a market-leading independent provider of custodial services. A client focused architecture facilitates multiple portfolios and multiple accounts for the same investor with differing fee structures as well as a direct to investor, self-managed solution.

Key features

Interactive dashboarding

Portfolios each have an interactive dashboard surfacing key metrics, saving time from searching through multiple screens.

Online risk profiling

Clients can complete a simple risk assessment through Consilium Wrap with adviser assistance. The resulting risk profile can be overridden by the adviser and a rationale entered. This gives advisers the ability to use an implementation risk profile that differs from the output, for example if the investors financial circumstances do not allow for an ‘adventurous’ investment approach.

Flexible architecture

A flexible client focused architecture allows for multiple portfolios under one name with different fee arrangements for each. Performance and valuation reporting can be run collectively or individually.

Online access at any time

Consilium Wrap gives advisers and investors 24/7 access to up to date information. Regular adviser reports keep investors up to date and dramatically cut the need for paper copies and filing.

Unique term deposit facility

A range of term deposit providers are available on Consilium Wrap, often at better than retail rates and with low administration fees. This saves advisers valuable time researching rates from different providers and moving client funds.

Wholesale pricing

Consilium Wrap provides access to a wide range of cost effective investment options in multiple currencies, including wholesale managed funds. The benefits of cost reductions flow back to investors in the form of lower fees.

A wrap simplifies transacting, administration and reporting.



Custodial security

Assets are held in a bare trust by the custodian for the exclusive benefit of the investor. Online client access allows investors to review their portfolio balance at any time. The investor is the beneficial owner of all individual investments. An added security measure is that withdrawals can only be directed to the investor’s nominated bank account. The custodian (FNZ) reports directly to investors twice a year, with independent verification of their portfolio details.


Custodial independence

The custodial services accessed through Consilium Wrap are provided by FNZ, one of the worlds leading providers. Importantly, no custodial services are provided by Consilium. Consilium ensures that the custodial services provided by FNZ are delivered to the highest standard.


Simple portfolio management

By wrapping your client's investments together on one technologically-advanced platform, you'll benefit from having a consolidated picture in one place. Your client’s current holdings can be easily compared with their target asset allocation, and they can hold multiple accounts under the one name. Rebalancing is simplified. Trades are pooled to minimise costs. Consilium Wrap also offers a multi-term deposit facility across a number of providers.


Latest technology

We continually upgrade and develop Consilium Wrap so advisers and investors benefit from the most up to date features and solutions. Consilium Wrap has a comprehensive development roadmap for the next 18 months. This entails that Consilium work closely with the platform provider (FNZ) in a structured and collaborative way to deliver ongoing improvements in functionality and features for the benefit of all users. Increasingly these planned enhancements will involve new digital functionality being developed and funded by Consilium.


World class service

Consilium Wrap service team are an extension of your administration team. Firms that utilise Consilium Wrap are supported by on-site and ongoing platform training, as required. This includes access to user manuals and video guides that are continually being developed and upgraded to help advisers extract the maximum efficiencies and benefits from the platform functionality.

Client of Richard Austin
Director and Principal Adviser
I love the user friendly interface and client access. The layout, equity data, user access and transaction data in Consilium Wrap is far superior...